New Era Integration
New Era Integration (NEI) was founded with these two principles..

  • To bring to customers, service that has credibility and respect.
  • To provide a supportive work environment, where people will learn, live and grow.
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New Era Integration (NEI) was formed for the following two reasons.
  • Bring to customers, a service that has credibility and respect.
  • Provide an environment where people can learn, live and grow in a fully supportive work environment.

Presently, there is a technical gap between the standard integrator and the technology equipment in the marketplace. The technology gap between consumer electronics and the security industry is shrinking very rapidly with Megapixel camera technology, network intensive security infrastructure, complex programming just a few of the areas becoming increasingly advanced.

New Era Integration has an amazing group of people with complimentary skills and experience to fill that gap. There is a dedication and will, second to none among security integration companies. Presently, the experience level for the team covers all aspects of design, delivery, sales support, installation support, service support, training and long-term support that is needed to meet the ever increasing technology challenges faced in security integration.

NEI strives to provide the best possible customer experience whether supporting local integrators with their systems or directly to the end user.

We strive to be a elite group of skilled technicians that translate the difficult integrated systems, to an easy to manage platform.